LA TOMATINA | Tomato Festival Valencia | Buñol Tomato Fight
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La Tomatina - Tomato Festival Buñol Valencia

Buñol, Valencia the last Wednesday of August, a tranquil village turns to mayhem and fun as it plays host to La Tomatina Tomato Festival. 1000´s of hiped up visitors from all over the world, flock to this traditional Tomato throwing festival.

Between 11am and 1pm lorries pass through the village loaded with ripe tomatoes, leaving a red river in their path and the crowds covered from head to toe. The neighbours help to clean everyone up by turning hose pipes on them and throwing buckets of water from windows! but its all part of the fun!

Book your accommodation early, everything fills very quickly..
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Although a mass free for all, there are some rules and guidelines that have to respected...

La Tomatina Rules and Guidelines:

- Do not carry bottles or hard objects, they can cause accidents and hurt your fellow battlers

- Do not break T-shirts or throw them around

- Please crush the tomatoes before you launch them, the blow will be less painful

- Keep a safe distance with the trucks

- Stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the second shot

And some tips from the Organisers to help make your experience even more enjoyable...

Choose running shoes you don’t have mush esteem for, and tie them to your ancles. Other types of shoes can be easily lost

Wear old clothes you don’t intend to use again, they will most likely end up broken.

Diving goggles are quite convenient. The acid contained in the tomatoes can sting your eyes a lot, but leaves your skin clean and soft.

If you want to take pictures, use a waterproof camera.

If you want to see better, never go up railings, windows, pillars, etc., you will become a perfect target for all the tomatoes

If you're an outsider and you want to spend the night in Buñol, make sure you look for accommodation in advance.

Do not miss the soap stick: a soap smeared pole with a ham hanging on the top. Whoever gets to the ham, keeps it.

And, of course, enjoy the most of it. It’s marvellous to do something as absurd as throwing tomatoes to everyone for an hour.


Report to the Estación del Norte (Valencia main train station) early and there you can buy tickets, then just follow the crowds!
You will need to catch the metro from Xativa Station to Sán Isidro, there you change to the commuter train to Buñol.
Be aware the trains will be packed, so don´t expect to get a seat!


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